Who we are

Institute for Managing Sustainability
at WU Vienna

With about 23,000 students WU Vienna is the EU’s largest educational institution for business and economics, business law, and social sciences. Over the last 20 years, the Institute for Managing Sustainability has earned a reputation for being an innovative research institute working at the forefront of advancing knowledge on, and attainment of, sustainable development. The Institute engages in research and inter- and transdisciplinary communication processes on sustainable development policies and indicators, responsible research and innovation, corporate social responsibility and good governance.

The Institute for Managing Sustainability coordinates the LIV_IN project and is responsible for the coordination and evaluation of the 20 co-creation workshops.


DIALOGIK is one of the leading German non-profit research institutes regarding participation. DIALOGIK provides knowledge and expertise to all interested parties and makes its research results public. Applying mainly discursive methods of research, DIALOGIK investigates complex processes of communication and interaction between science, politics, economy, and civil society. It has special expertise in social scientific approaches and is familiar with methods and advanced techniques of qualitative and quantitative social research. DIALOGIK profits from a broad array of innovative forms of communication and participative procedures and has accumulated expertise in designing and managing inter- and trans-disciplinary research. Thematically, the main research fields are Risk; Communication and participation; and Building bridges between technology, science, and society.

DIALOGIK is responsible for designing the co-creation workshops, and for providing a toolkit with methods for co-creation workshops.


Siemens is a global powerhouse focusing on the areas of electrification, automation and digitalization with over 170 years of experience in innovation. Two Siemens centers are involved in LIV_IN: The Siemens Accessibility Competence Center with more than 20 years of experience in the design of accessible ICT products and services and the Siemens User Experience group with a long-standing experience in user-centered design. Together, they ensure that the user interfaces are accessible by everyone, especially by persons with reduced abilities, and usable by the intended target groups. Through combining usability with accessibility, Siemens, ensures that all relevant stakeholders (from older persons, their family, to healthcare professionals) play an important role throughout the project. Over the years, Siemens has built a trust-based relationship with local, national and European associations of older or disabled persons.

Siemens leads the LIV_IN lab on „Lifelong Health & Care“ including up to four co-creation workshops, on the question „How can new technologies enhance our entire life?“, involving very diverse groups of persons with reduced abilities.


Atos Spain SA is a global leader in digital transformation, including Big Data, Cybersecurity, High Performance Computing and Digital Workplace. The group provides Cloud services, Infrastructure & Data Management, Business & Platform solutions, as well as transactional services. Being aware of the transformations and challenges our society is facing, such as globalisation or digitalisation, Atos is highly active in research and innovation. Atos Research & Innovation is the R&D hub for emerging technologies and has almost 30 years of experience in running Research, Development and Innovation projects. Their multidisciplinary and multicultural team has the skills to cover all the activities needed to run projects successfully, from scientific leadership to partnership coordination, from development of emerging technologies to the exploitation of project outcomes, with a strong focus on dissemination, innovation adoption and commercialization.

Atos leads the LIV_IN lab on „Preventive Healthcare & Fitness“, including three co-creation workshops on the question of „How can new technologies help us to stay fit and healthy?“.

Smart Homes

Smart Homes is a Dutch expert centre for home automation, smart living and e-health. It is an independent non-profit organisation, with close relations with industry, research & education institutes and many service and end-user organisations in the Netherlands. As a recognized research centre, as well as an expert centre, it performs many dissemination and consultancy activities. Smart Homes acts as an intermediary organisation in the complex market of technology & ageing/e-health, bridging the worlds of technology development and those of end-users and service/care providers. The „Smartest Home of The Netherlands“ has a particular role as a fully functional house built in 2001 and continuously updated, in which new technology is integrated, validated, evaluated with end-users, and demonstrated.

Smart Homes leads the LIV_IN lab on „Future Homes & Lifestyles“, including four co-creation workshops on the question of „What possibilities do new technologies bring to our homes and daily lives“ and specifically related to the following topics: sleep, augmented reality, indoor climate and social robotics.

Ericsson Nikola Tesla d.d.

Innovation is embedded in Ericsson’s DNA since 1923. As the Croation part of the company, Ericsson Nikola Tesla d.d. (ENT) is embodying this characteristic in its day-to-day business. It is a specialized provider of ICT solutions and services in Central and Eastern Europe with main interests in the design and development of innovative ICT solutions and services. ENT strives to build eco-systems with potential customers and the scientific community for creating and using innovative products. It is a developer and provider of E-Systems (for example in electronic and mobile health) solutions as well as a system integrator in the ICT domain. Ericsson Nikola Tesla contributes expertise to the co-creation workshops in the context of several co-creation workshops in LIVING INNOVATION and the generation and sharing of information in the context of the Virtual Community Platform.


Comarch is a leading Polish software company, a forerunner in data privacy and a system integrator offering services and products to growing sectors of the economy. Comarch has advanced capabilities in the engineering and management of software systems, services and applications. It has significant experience in EU R&D programmes. The company was the first Polish commercial coordinator of a project under the 5th Framework Programme and was a partner in several integrated projects within the ICT priority of the 7 Framework Programme as well as several projects funded by the European Fund for Regional Development. Since 2000, the Comarch Group has been involved in 55 co-funded R&D projects with total funding exceeding 83 million PLN.

Comarch is in charge of the data security of the LIV_IN Virtual Community Platform. Furthermore, Comarch contributes expertise to the co-creation workshops in the context of several LIV_IN Labs and the generation and sharing of information in the context of the Virtual Community Platform.


For more than four decades the ISINNOVA has supplied expertise and solved complex problems for a variety of public and private organisations, and notably the European Commission. As an Italian private research and consulting firm, ISINNOVA supports international, national and local public bodies for the analysis, design, implementation, and evaluation of sustainable policies. ISINNOVA has established a wide network of international contacts that have partnered over the years, including governments, ministries, agencies, universities, public and private research and consulting organisations based in many countries in the world. This network provides opportunities to facilitate effective dialogues with actors that play an important role in the process of participatory decision-making, such as public authorities, industrial and economic parties, and civil society representatives.

ISINNOVA is in charge of the implementation of the Virtual Community Platform and ensuring interaction within and support of the Virtual Community itself.workshops.

De Montfort University Leicester

De Montfort University is a leading research-oriented University in the UK with approximately 20,500 students. Its Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility (CCSR) is the largest research centre of its kind in the UK and one of few in Europe and the world. The CCSR has undertaken funded research for a range of stakeholders including private organisations, professional bodies, NGOs, the UK government and the EU. As one of the leading research centres in the field, the CCSR has set up and continues to run the ETHICOMP conference series, and the international „Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society“.

DMU leads the LIV_IN lab on „High tech at home“ on the question of „How will high tech and robotics shape our home experience in the future“, including at least three co-creation workshops. Furthermore, DMU is creating a Community Building Handbook and is responsible for outreach to industries and stakeholders.


Telefónica is one of the world’s leading integrated operators in the telecommunication sector, providing communication, information and entertainment solutions, with presence in 21 countries throughout Europe, America and Asia. Telefónica creates a more connected world that is accessible for everyone, while also ensuring safety and privacy. Recently, Telefónica has redefined its mission as „To make our world more human by connecting lives“ and promises to bring it to life in line with its company values: open, bold and trusted. The Innovation 2.0 department is focused on three main areas: Innovation by collaboration, Innovation from outside and Training in digital transformation.

Telefónica leads the LIV_IN lab on „Internet of Things (IoT) in daily life“, including three co-creation workshops on the question of „How will the Internet of Things (IoT) impact our daily lives?“, bringing together a diverse group of people to uncover their needs and co-develop solutions together.


Ottobock is a leading med-tech company that stands for high-quality and technologically outstanding products and services. The goal of helping to restore mobility for people with disabilities – and protect the mobility they have retained – stands behind each and every one of the company’s products. Ottobock has been a business since it was founded in 1919 and since 1988 has been supporting the Paralympic Games with its technical know-how. It is active in the fields of Prosthetics, Orthotics, Human Mobility (manual and power wheelchairs, rehabilitation products) and Ottobock Industrials business segments as well as the Clinical Services Network. Its sales and service companies in over 50 countries give the company a global presence which enables close proximity to its customers.

Ottobock leads the LIV_IN lab on „Communities & Collaboration“, including three co-creation workshops on the question of „How can new technologies be developed in collaboration with the people using them?“.


Infineon Technologies AG is a world-leading provider of semiconductor solutions that make life easier, safer and greener. Microelectronics from Infineon reduce the energy consumption of consumer electronics, domestic appliances and industrial facilities. They make a major contribution to the convenience, security and sustainability of vehicles, and enable secure transactions in the Internet of Things. Infineon acts as a centre of competence for diverse industries, such as automotive, energy and digital security.

As a group subsidiary of Infineon Technologies AG, Infineon Technologies Austria AG contributes expertise to the co-creation workshops in the context of several co-creation workshops in Living Innovation and the generation and sharing of information in the context of the Virtual Community Platform.


Software Imagination & Vision S.R.L. (SIMAVI) is a large company, a newly established spin-off company of SIVECO Romania SA – a large software company established in 1992. SIMAVI has inherited all the assets related to the software development activities, the related experience in the field, the implementation teams, the certificates and the authorizations held by SIVECO Romania SA. SIMAVI has taken over also the software products and projects references from the following fields of activity: R&D, Education & Training, eHealth, Security, Customised Applications, ERP & BI, Customs, and Government. SIMAVI will pursue with a significant experience and an exceptional track record in R&D&I projects, being involved as technological provider and as coordinator in many European and national research projects. Moreover, SIMAVI will continue the outstanding reputation of SIVECO, in international markets, by developing successful projects together with several international companies. SIMAVI provides services on the whole life cycle of projects: analysis of users’ requirements, design, development, testing, implementation, end-users training and technical assistance, and system maintenance. SIMAVI staff consists of IT specialists covering all stages of projects development: analysts, business consultants, system architects, programmers for different platforms, implementers, testers, DBAs, data analysts, accredited trainers.

"la Caixa" Foundation

„la Caixa“ Foundation (FBLC) is the leading private foundation in Spain and the second in Europe in terms of budgetary volume, and works and develops projects in the areas of social welfare, education, science, environment, research and the dissemination of culture. The mission of FBLC is to contribute to the advancement of people and society. Regarding the science and research areas, FBLC funds scientific research and innovation mainly in Biomedicine and Health through open competitive calls and collaborates with universities, research institutions and hospitals in Spain and Portugal. FBLC runs an extensive „Science in Society“ programme that reaches 3 million people a year through its science center (CosmoCaixa Barcelona), its moving exhibitions and through the internet and television.

La Caixa Foundation is responsible for the adaptation and improvement of the RRI Tools Database.