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Virtual Summit - Responsible Innovation for Smart Homes & Smart Health

Virtual Summit - Responsible Innovation for Smart Homes & Smart Health

Written by Teresa Iglesias Lopez | Reviewed by Heike Christiane Vogel-Pöschl

Created on: 14 Feb 2019 | Updated on: 19 Nov 2019

News category: "News on Living Innovation"

On June 11-12 2019, we launched the LIV_IN Virtual Community Platform! For the grand opening event, we invited industry representatives and innovation experts specializing in responsible innovation for smart homes and smart health to join us in a virtual summit for a lively exchange on the future of living.

Our world is rapidly changing. Major challenges like ageing populations and climate change require groundbreaking approaches – and these can only be delivered through meaningful collaboration. This is why we have created the LIV_IN Virtual Community. It offers a smart and easy way for innovators and experts to network and jointly develop creative solutions.

Experts from companies of all sizes, researchers and innovators, entrepreneurs and CSR managers, responsible innovation experts and RTD managers joined the Virtual Summit to

  • meet leading thinkers in the area of responsible innovation for smart homes and smart health
  • attend fascinating key notes and participate in inspiring webinars
  • learn about methods and tools to make your innovation processes more inclusive, responsible and impactful
  • get to know European responsible innovation champions from industry, policy and research
  • explore initiatives, projects and resources for responsible innovation
  • share their own responsible innovation story (see our Video Competition winners:

Let’s co-create the way we will live in 2030!

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