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Living in a smart future - homes, health, technology & responsibility

Living in a smart future - homes, health, technology & responsibility

Written by Katrin Detter | Reviewed by Angelo Spörk

Created on: 04 Oct 2021 | Updated on: 29 Nov 2021

News category: "News on Living Innovation"

As part of the Responsible Innovation Summit 2021, an interactive discussion with top experts and a Youth Panel took place on October 22nd 2021, 14:00 - 15:30 CET. Experts in smart health, smart home and foresight unveil how Responsible Innovation will work hand in hand with Smart Future Living.

Using the dynamic and fun Pecha Kucha storytelling format, speakers presented their vision for our responsible future, followed by a discussion with the Youth Panel, where young participants challenged the experts’ views. To dive into deeper conversations on Smart Health, Smart Home and living with Smart technologies, the session was followed by smaller group conversations with the experts.

Watch the recording of this session here and:

  • Explore the future of smart health, smart home, and living with smart technologies
  • Learn from high level experts on responsible future
  • Gain insights from the debate between high level experts and the Youth Panel

Are you an innovation manager, policy specialist, or interested in what kind of future we should expect?

This workshop enables you to:

  1. Innovation manager: Learn the new trends on smart homes and smart health
  2. Policy specialist: Understand the role of responsible innovation in the future of smart health, smart home and living with smart technologies
  3. People interested: dive into an exciting discussion on future living

Together we examined:

  • RI methodologies applied to eHealth, healthy living, and preventive health
  • How data will be managed in smart homes and who will have control over it

Panel Discussion

Ad van Berlo is both a medical engineer and gerontologist. After 10 years working on R&D in artificial kidney and heart support, he now focuses on smart homes, e-health and care technology, where he has wide experience working on many different aspects of pioneering solutions.

Carlo Sessa is Research Director at ISINNOVA. He leads a number of participatory projects that bring together industry experts and citizens to discuss future scenarios and challenges, with a view to increasing public awareness of science and technology.

Lydia Montandon is Business Development Director for the Atos Research and Innovation (ARI) group, where she looks for opportunities to exploit and commercialize R&D project outcomes. She coordinates large international R&D projects in the fields of technology-enhanced learning, eInclusion and eHealth.

Moderated by:

Svetlana Ivanova is a research and foresight consultant specialised in global governance, new technologies and responsible innovation. Svetlana drives activities to make science accessible, including online workshops, foresight sessions and dialogues with industry experts, conducting interviews with academics and policymakers, and writing articles.

Youth Panel:

Melina Matzawrakos works as a Junior Researcher at the Competence Center for Social Entrepreneurship at the Vienna University of Business and Economics and heads the Vienna chapter of oikos International.

Nicolas Kurek is studying law at the University of Freiburg and is Swiss Youth Representative to the United Nations.

Lucija Tacer is studying law at the University of Ljubljana and is Vice President of the Youth Section of the United Nations Association of Slovenia. She works as student intern at the Transparency International Slovenia and legal intern at the Law office Fabiani, Petrovič, Jeraj, Rejc.

Responsible Innovation Summit 2021 - October 19th - 22nd 2021

This interactive online workshop was part of the 5th Responsible Innovation Summit, which took place from October 19th to October 22nd 2021, hosted from Dublin, Ireland. Over four days, leaders joined a series of online events to explore how the power of innovation can be used to redefine business as usual and create a more sustainable and just economy.

With live and on-demand interviews, discussions, workshops and networking, participants got insights on future-shaping trends, learned from value-driven enterprises and connected with the innovators that are turning challenges into sustainable solutions.

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Contact the organizer:

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