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Learning how to put Responsible Innovation into practice

Learning how to put Responsible Innovation into practice

Written by Katrin Detter | Reviewed by Angelo Spörk

Created on: 20 Sep 2021 | Updated on: 08 Nov 2021

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As part of the Responsible Innovation Summit 2021, an interactive, group-based online workshop on how to design the Responsible Innovation process took place on October 20th 2021, 14:00 - 15:30 CET.

Find out how to design the responsible innovation process and the quality criteria and methods to use for design thinking using concrete examples.

You can practice with a case study and hands-on exercises, with immediate feedback from the experts – and ready-to-use takeaways for improvement.

Watch the recording of this online workshop here and:

  • Explore how to design the process for Responsible Innovation using a practical exercise
  • Gain insights in working groups with case studies and discussions
  • Learn how to choose the right tools

Are you an innovation manager, facilitator or interested in how to set up a Responsible Innovation Process?

This workshop enables you to:

  1. Innovation manager: Learn how to best engage users in the innovation process.
  2. Facilitator: Get an overview of what to consider when designing innovation processes with users and how they differ from other processes. 
  3. People interested: You want to start a responsible innovation process but don't know how? Get all the information you need to get started right away.

Together we discovered:

  • The most important points to consider in designing a Responsible Innovation Process
  • A case study of successful Responsible Innovation from LIV_IN. 

Meet the experts

Lydia Montandon is currently working at Atos Spain as Business Development Director for the Atos Research and Innovation (ARI) group. Her role is to look for opportunities to exploit and commercialize R&D project outcomes. She has more than 20 years of experience in coordinating and participating in large international R&D projects in the fields of technology-enhanced Learning, eInclusion and eHealth.

Three researchers from DIALOGIK are helping industry partners design co-creation workshops, and have provided a toolkit on how to design responsible innovation processes.

Wilfried Konrad is Project Leader and Research Associate at DIALOGIK, focusing on social science-based energy research, the bio-economy, co-creation, and participation. 

Rainer Kuhn is Head of Section Communication and Research Associate at DIALOGIK, focusing on engagement, method development and consensus-building processes.

Sarah-Kristina Wist is a Research Associate and Project Leader at DIALOGIK. Her main research fields are (Civil) Participation Procedures and Democratic Innovations.

Responsible Innovation Summit 2021 - October 19th - 22nd 2021

This interactive online workshop was part of the 5th Responsible Innovation Summit, which took place from October 19th to October 22nd 2021, hosted from Dublin, Ireland. Over four days, leaders joined a series of online events to explore how the power of innovation can be used to redefine business as usual and create a more sustainable and just economy.

With live and on-demand interviews, discussions, workshops and networking, participants got insights on future-shaping trends, learned from value-driven enterprises and connected with the innovators that are turning challenges into sustainable solutions.

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