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Discussing Responsible Innovation with a Minister and two CEOs

Discussing Responsible Innovation with a Minister and two CEOs

Written by Katrin Detter | Reviewed by Svetlana Ivanova

Created on: 09 Sep 2021 | Updated on: 08 Nov 2021

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As part of the Responsible Innovation Summit 2021, we welcomed the Austrian Federal Minister for Digital and Economic Affairs, the CEO of Microsoft Austria and the CEO of Infineon Austria to a debate on the business case for Responsible Innovation, on October 19th 2021 from 14:00 – 15:30 CET.

Watch the recording of the workshop here and:

  • Gain insights on responsible innovation and its relevance for innovation managers, society and policy makers;
  • Explore how Europe’s key values effect innovation policies and global business strategies
  • Learn about the benefits of Responsible Innovation with a particular focus on digitalisation and sustainable development;

Are you a CEO, Manager or Policy Maker? This workshop enables you to:

  1. CEO: Explore how globally leading CEOs view Responsible Innovation, and discover practices and approaches to managing ecological and societal challenges through innovation.
  2. CSR, Innovation or Project Manager: Gain insights on responsible innovation practices that can help ensure sustainable developments that are broadly and socially acceptable, ethical, and sustainable.
  3. Policy Maker: Take a closer look at how Europe’s key values affect innovation policies (and vice versa) and global business strategies.

Panel Discussion

Margarete Schramböck is the Austrian Federal Minister for Digital and Economic Affairs. Ms Schramböck has worked in senior management at leading IT companies such as Alcatel, NextiraOne, Dimension Data Austria and A1 Telekom Austria. In 2017, she was appointed Austrian Federal Minister for Digital and Economic Affairs, was a Member of the National Council from 2019 to 2020 and was appointed as Federal Minister for Digital and Economic Affairs in January 2020.

Sabine Herlitschka is Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer at Infineon Technologies Austria AG, Vice Chair of the Austrian Council for Research and Technology Development and Vice President of the Federation of Austrian Industries. Her professional career includes industrial biotechnology research, international cooperation and financing for technology and innovation, as well as founding Vice-Rector at the Medical University of Graz, Austria. In 2018, she was elected Chair of the Governing Board for the 5 bn Euro European Public Private Partnership ECSEL-Electronic Components and Systems for Electronic Leadership.

Hermann Erlach is the General Manager of Microsoft Austria. Before joining Microsoft, Mr Erlach held management positions at international management consultancies and at SAP. He joined Microsoft as Head of Enterprise Services and acted as Chief Operating Officer, Digital Transformation Lead and spokesperson on innovation topics. In this role, he linked all business and sales areas with one another in such a way that optimal value creation for our customers and partners is ensured.

André Martinuzzi is Head of the Institute for Managing Sustainability, Associate Professor at the Vienna University of Economics and Business and Coordinator of EU project, LIVING INNOVATION. Over the past 20 years, he has managed more than 70 European research projects in EU Framework Programmes as well as tendered research projects on behalf of different EU Directorate Generals, Eurostat, UNDP and national ministries. His current research activities focus on Responsible Innovation, sustainability management and Circular Economy. He holds a doctoral degree in Business Administration and a postdoctoral lecture qualification (venia docendi) in environmental management and sustainable development policy.

Responsible Innovation Summit 2021 - October 19th - 22nd 2021

This panel discussion was part of the 5th Responsible Innovation Summit, which took place from October 19th to October 22nd 2021, hosted from Dublin, Ireland. Over four days, leaders joined a series of online events to explore how the power of innovation can be used to redefine business as usual and create a more sustainable and just economy.

With live and on-demand interviews, discussions, workshops and networking, participants got insights on future-shaping trends, learned from value-driven enterprises and connected with the innovators that are turning challenges into sustainable solutions.

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