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Public Health and Responsible Innovation in a post-Covid Europe

Public Health and Responsible Innovation in a post-Covid Europe

Written by Nina Peitler | Reviewed by Angelo Spörk

Created on: 23 Apr 2021 | Updated on: 22 May 2021

News category: "News on Living Innovation"

On May 20th 2021 14:00-17:20 CEST a Webinar on Public Health and Responsible Innovation in a post-Covid Europe was held by De Montfort University and “la Caixa” Foundation

As Covid-19 will remain a part of our lives for the next years, the role of public and preventative health has been rarely so important. Digital tools and technologies offer great opportunities to the healthcare sector. However, the challenges and risks in this aspect have to be considered critically.

This webinar focused on:

  • the challenges and dilemmas for Responsible Innovation in the public health sector; 
  • bringing together community and commercial perspectives; and
  • helping to chart a responsible and sustainable way forward for innovation in public health.

Watch this forward thinking event and:

  • Learn about recent developments for Responsible Innovation and how these fit with goals for CSR, ESG, circularity, the UN SDGs and European policy agendas; 
  • Engage, through your questions, in the dialogue between leading experts; and
  • Help your organisation when designing and developing health-related products, providing or procuring technologies and services in a responsible and sustainable way.

Meet the experts

  • Eerke Boiten, Head of School of Computer Science and Informatics at De Montfort University
  • Malcolm Fisk, Professor of Ageing and Digital Health at De Montfort University
  • Annette Kleinfeld, Professor of Business Ethics at University of Applied Sciences Konstanz
  • Myriam Martin, Project Manager at TICBiomed, partner in CHERRIES project
  • Eman Martin-Vignerte, Head of Political Affairs and Government Relations at Bosch UK
  • Matthias Marzinko, Director International Standards Management (ISM) at Drägerwerk AG and CEN-CLC Advisory Board for Healthcare Standards (ABHS)
  • Lydia Montandon, Business Development Manager at ATOS Research and Innovation
  • Betatriz de Orlano, Consultant CSR Company
  • Eva Zuazua Schucker, Head of Contents & Communication at RRI Tools project
  • Ignasi López Verdeguer, Director of the Department of Science and Research at la Caixa Foundation
  • Matthijs Zwier, Strategic Partner at Municipality of Utrecht and Advisory Board member at European Health Futures Forum

Organized by Malcolm Fisk, Professor at De Montfort University; Eva Zuazua Schucker, RRI Tools project; and André Martinuzzi from Vienna University of Economics and Business.

image sources: © Health IT Outcomes; © Cyrielle Van Weynsberghe – Vlaams Ouderenraad 

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