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Online Workshop - Responsible Innovation for Smart Cities

Online Workshop - Responsible Innovation for Smart Cities

Written by Nina Peitler | Reviewed by Angelo Spörk

Created on: 07 Apr 2021 | Updated on: 06 May 2021

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As part of the Smart City Summit 2021, we held an Online Workshop on Responsible Innovation for Smart Cities

Cities are spotlights of economic prosperity and innovation. While only covering 2% of Earth’s surface, yet making up 55% of the world’s population, cities massively contribute to global value creation. However, by using 78% of world’s energy and emitting 60% of greenhouse gas emissions, they are posing challenges to human health and the quality of urban areas.

Smart Cities are forward-looking and resource-efficient urban solutions that meet the growing challenges of urban development with innovative and sustainable solutions, which provide a high quality of life.

How can a Smart City approach go beyond technological aspects and simultaneously invest in social capital and realize participatory governance? How can Responsible Innovation support the future development of cities, ensure a high quality of life, foster sustainable economic growth, and promote environmental protection?

Watch this Workshop here and …

  • Gain insights into the concept of responsible innovation and its relevance for innovation managers in cities and companies;
  • Experience practical examples, relevance and transferability of responsible innovation in Smart Homes and Health;
  • Discuss further applications of responsible innovation in Smart Cities.

Workshop Agenda

Principles and benefits of Responsible Innovation 

André Martinuzzi (Vienna University of Economics and Business) is Founding Director of the Institute for Managing Sustainability and Coordinator of the LIV_IN project. He is currently developing a series of policy briefs on Responsible Innovation, as well as organizing a series of virtual “innovation corners”.

Cases of Responsible Innovation in Smart Home & Health

Ad van Berlo (Smart Homes) is R&D Manager for the Dutch expert center on home automation, smart living and e-health. He is currently developing a series of responsible innovation blueprints that summarize the outcomes of the LIV_IN project.

Methods and tools for inclusive Responsible Innovation

Catherine Flick (De Montfort University) designed and implemented a series of co-creation workshops for, and with, families from lower socio-economic groups in Leicester (United Kingdom). She is currently preparing a co-creation toolbox focused on working with low wealth citizens.

Responsible Innovation in Smart Mobility for Persons with Reduced Mobility

Klaus-Peter Wegge is head of the Siemens Accessibility Competence Center. In the frame of the LIV_IN project he and his team designed and implemented a series of co-creation workshops for and with older persons and persons with disabilities identifying functional requirements and services for smart applications supporting their mobility. The workshop findings are being transferred to a DIN norm which is planned to be published at the end 2021. In cooperation with local partners a first implementation is currently evaluated in large field trials. Blind persons and persons with walking impairments are able to retrieve real-time information from busses and traffic lights and can request services like tilting the bus at bus stops. 

The Workshop was be facilitated by

Ursula Kopp (Vienna University of Economics and Business) is an experienced facilitator of co-creation workshops and stakeholder dialogues and will moderate the workshop. She currently develops, tests and implements tools for responsible design thinking.

Watch this Workshop here

Smart City Summit 2021

The Workshop described above is part of the Smart City Summit which took place on May 5th 2021. At this event, everything revolved around the question of what we have to do today so that cities remain liveable for our grandchildren. The City of Vienna, Wiener Stadtwerke, Wien Holding, Aspern Smart City Research and the Vienna Business Agency held a dialogue for everyone interested in shaping the city of the future.

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