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Challenges of Remote Working - Trust, Surveillance and AI

Challenges of Remote Working - Trust, Surveillance and AI

Written by Barbara Hofleitner | Reviewed by Nina Peitler

Created on: 07 Jan 2021 | Updated on: 29 Mar 2021

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Our 2nd Online Dialogue on Trust, Surveillance and AI in Remote Working took place on February 9th

Review the event here and:

  1. How to build and retain trust through remote working;
  2. How remote working changed network structures and resilience; and
  3. Which emerging technologies could support, but also undermine, trust?

Listen to the experts:

  • Kirsimarja Blomqvist is professor for knowledge management at the School of Business and Management at LUT University, Lappeenranta, Finland.

“We conducted a longitudinal survey with more than 1,500 participants on the challenges of remote working in Finland. Although the general satisfaction with remote working was high, feelings of social isolation and lowered creativity have to be overcome.”

Watch her presentation

  • Harald Katzmair is the founder of FASresearch and a leading expert in the field of applied social network analysis with a focus on power relations, innovation and strategic situation analysis.

“Remote working combines elements of private, professional and public spaces. These hybrid digital places structurally weaken trust. We permanently switch between distance and closeness – a behavior that characterizes the Borderline Syndrome.”

Watch his presentation

  • Harald Leitenmüller, Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft Austria and leading edge technology focused professional with 25 year of experience as a business manager/leader in various industries.

“While ten years ago we focused on people, places and technologies, in the hybrid workplace, we have to extend our view to collaboration, learning and wellbeing.”

Watch his presentation

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