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How to safeguard the license to operate for new technologies

How to safeguard the license to operate for new technologies

Written by Michael Gizicki-Neundlinger | Reviewed by Gabriela Ayala

Created on: 03 Sep 2020 | Updated on: 03 Sep 2020

News category: "News on Living Innovation"

Marc Steen on values needed to design trustworthy tech

Our guest in this week's Responsible Innovation Story is Marc Steen, senior scientist at TNO Innovation For Life, a research and technology organization in the Netherlands. As a renowned expert in the field Science and Technology Studies and Human-Centered Design, he helps organizations to create technology that promotes a just society. For him, AI is all about building societal trust.

“We should not blindly trust in AI. Instead, we should jointly establish AI that is worthy of our trust.”

Our most important insights from this interview with Marc Steen:

  • In the global race for AI leadership, we should re-focus on the purpose of technology.
  • We need to invite companies in the ICT domain to think about the possible societal impacts of their technologies.
  • If we put society's interest in the heart of innovation, we can establish Europe as the leader in humane and trustworthy AI.

Enjoy watching the full interview at!

Click on the time stamps to watch the respective topics:

00:00 The Pillars of Responsible Research and Innovation

04:04 Business Ethics in Perspective

05:44 The Strings and Levers of Big Tech

07:29 The European Path to Responsible ICT

09:36 A Window of Opportunity for European Innovation?

12:42 A Life Worth Living

14:18 Virtue Ethics in the Digital Transformation

18:43 Power and Agency in the Age of AI

20:47 Accountability and Explainability are Critical

23:37 How to Built Trustworthy Tech

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