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Review Webinar - Experience-based Learning in Distance Teaching

Review Webinar - Experience-based Learning in Distance Teaching

Written by Michael Gizicki-Neundlinger | Reviewed by Simon Ladinik

Created on: 26 May 2020 | Updated on: 01 Jul 2020

News category: "News on Living Innovation"

120 students, 6 trainers, 4 days and 2 cutting edge collaboration tools. Review the first webinar of our new Joint Action “Smart Universities” and gain insights into a case study of one of Europe’s largest Business Schools.

Covid-19 will hopefully pass, but distance teaching and home learning will stay and gain even more importance in the near future. Many universities quickly and successfully shifted their courses to distance learning. Now it is time to take stock, exchange experiences and start co-creating the Smart Universities of the future.

Review our first webinar of the webinar series Exchange Experiences with Distance Teaching which took place on June 3rd 2020 and learn how we interactively trained 120 students over four-days in a virtual classroom:

  • Organized by a team of six professionals coming from industry, radio, design thinking and academia
  • Applied innovative methods, such as mapping techniques, video analysis, comedy script writing, pecha kucha and design thinking
  • Using cutting edge collaboration tools, such as Mural and Klaxoon

What the participants said:

  • “I had no idea where to start with digital collaborative tools before this webinar."
  • "Thank you for sharing your experience! Very useful for me.”
  • "This was brilliant, thank you.”

Share your experiences:

  • You developed and implemented innovative online courses?
  • You would like to share experiences with colleagues from around the world?
  • You want insights into best practices?
  • You would like to co-create the university of the future?

To discuss these questions with lecturers all around the world, we created a Joint Action in LIVING INNOVATION. Share your experiences, learn from best practice cases and discuss on strengths and weaknesses of distance teaching. For more details see our Flyer!


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