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Joint Actions on Living Innovation

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Curently a dozen Joint Actions allow you to collaborate within worldiwde teams.
Co-create innovative ideas and team up to put them into practice.
Experience the Benefits of Responsible Innovation , Smart Homes and Smart Health.
Take part in co-creating an inclusive narrative of responsible innovation for living healthy at home. We bring together the perspectives of CEOs, innovation managers, innovators, researchers, citizens, communities, and policymakers.
Responsible innovation pays off. However, context matters, and payback mechanisms may be different for each company. This Joint Action brings together scientific evidence and practical experience on the business case for responsible innovation and provides a vibrant forum for exchange.
Smart homes have the image of being expensive and only for luxury. This Joint Action will explore basic smart home solutions at affordable costs, in order to make smart home solutions available for people with middle and lower income.
This Joint Action brings together university lecturers and practitioners to exchange experiences with distance teaching and learning. We organize webinars on key topics and provide a well structured discussion forum.
Joint Actions cover key aspects of Responsible Innovation, Smart Homes and Smart Health - Take part in a lively debate, in co-creating a vision and in a fruitful exchange of experiences.
How to apply Design Thinking as a human centered innovation approach for responsible innovation? Experts in the field share their knowledge. Receive inspiration and guidance through recommended resources.
Share and learn about use-cases and successful examples of smart technologies used to support eHealth, healthy living and preventive health. If you are a company delivering product or services, or if you are doing market research in this field, join our debate on smart eHealth.
ICT innovations entail huge potential for improving citizens' daily lives. It is a major challenge to make these advantages available for those not often at the center of new smart technologies. This Joint Action seeks to explore ways of including the needs of impaired people and deprived social groups into responsible ICT solutions.
CSR and innovation can strengthen each other and contribute to sustainable development. This Joint Action explores how leading companies connect CSR and innovation and the benefits they achieve.
Share your experiences and team up for co-creating visions, tools and activities. Together we shape how we will live tomorrow.
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