Over a period of three years, LIVING INNOVATION conducted more than 97 video and online interviews with top-level experts, business leaders, and researchers. These interviews provide insights into business practices, recent challenges, and future developments in responsible innovation in general, specifically in the IT sector, as well as in smart home and health technologies. Watch them or listen to them as a podcast.

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Harald Leitenmüller (CTO Microsoft Austria)

Artificial Intelligence is one of the turning-point technologies of our time. In many areas, powerful applications of AI are already in place. However, the unprecedented potential of AI invokes numerous dystopian visions of super-intelligent machines. What are the threats of Artificial Intelligence? Where does it make sense to use AI? How can AI be designed responsibly? Harald Leitenmüller, Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft Austria, shares his view on Artificial Intelligence, digs into the myths on AI and explains how the tech industry takes ethically sound decisions in this highly complex field.

Nir Menachemi (Chair of the Health Policy and Management Department of Indiana University)

Over the last years, spending on the US public healthcare system has skyrocketed. But a paradigm shift towards more prevention may substantially save costs upfront. Nir Menachemi, Chair of the Health Policy and Management Department of Indiana University, shows how hospitals use predicative capacities of artificial intelligence to support preventive services in healthcare.