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A vibrant virtual community

Several leading companies and outstanding experts already collaborate as partners in the LIVING INNOVATION project (Who we are). The LIV_IN Virtual Community will broaden and expand on this collaboration. It is an invitation to experts from companies of all sizes, researchers and innovators, entrepreneurs and CSR managers, Responsible Innovation experts and RTD managers to join the conversation. The LIV_IN Virtual Community offers a smart and easy way to collaborate, network and jointly develop innovative solutions. Let 's co-create the way we will live in 2030 together!

Why build a new virtual community?

Our lives and homes in the year 2030 will be different. Technology will increasingly support us in daily life. New assistive devices will enable more autonomous living for people with special needs. Major societal trends, such as ageing populations or climate change, will affect individuals, families and society as a whole at an unprecedented level. Responding to such trends while making the most of the immense potential of new technologies is a challenge that goes beyond the problem-solving abilities of individual experts and organizations. Designing future living in an inclusive and sustainable way will require co-creation between companies and citizens (Co-creation Workshops). It will also require increased collaboration and networking among experts and companies.

What are the benefits?

Sometimes the best ideas come from people outside your industry. Get priority access to a broad variety of leading experts in responsible innovation, smart homes and smart health. Exchange your ideas and network with people you would not meet otherwise. Co-develop innovative ideas and initiate joint actions with others.

Who can take part?

The LIV_IN Virtual Community is open to experts from industry and SMEs, researchers and innovators, entrepreneurs and CSR managers, Responsible Innovation experts and RTD managers. They all share an interest in smart homes, smart health and designing responsible, sustainable solutions for future living. The LIV_IN Virtual Community is meant to be a safe space for professional exchange, problem-solving and collaboration. Please note that we do not support self-promotion. The LIV_IN Virtual Community is currently not open to students, consultants and activist organizations. If you belong to one of these groups and want to explore ways of getting involved, please contact us at:

What does it cost?

No registration fee required. You contribute your knowledge and a little bit of your time and get access to a vibrant expert community. We believe that sharing is caring – the more you give of your time and expertise, the more recognition and interaction opportunities you get.

How to join?

Sign up here to receive updates, join the community and access the LIVING INNOVATION activities.