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LIVING INNOVATION is a central hub to exchange views and experiences on the different aspects of Responsible Innovation. It covers process related aspects (such as inclusive innovation and Responsible Design Thinking), technologies (such as digitalization, smart homes and smart health) and management aspects (such as leadership challenges and business cases).

Responsible Innovation Stories: Over a period of three years, we carried out about 100 video interviews with leading experts and decision-makers from all around the world. They provide valuable insights into the diverse aspects of Responsible Innovation, how it can be implemented, what challenges arise and how it pays off.

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Policy Briefs summarize our key findings and address policymakers at EU and national level. In five minutes reading time, they provide a brief overview and recommendations on three important areas:

Background Papers: Over the last three years, we published ten background papers on different areas of Responsible Innovation. To access and download these so called ‘Knowledge Units’, one has to register as a member of our expert community.