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  • What is LIV_IN (Living Innovation)?

    LIV_IN is an initiative started by 14 partners from all over Europe, including, major industry leaders, civil society and research organisations. In this project, we have joined forces to co-create more responsible approaches to innovation in the areas of smart homes and smart health. The initiative will provide a vibrant online platform for discussion, knowledge creation and collaboration on new solutions that are beneficial to society and create new business opportunities. By engaging citizens and lead users in 19 co-creation workshops across five European countries, LIVING INNOVATION strives to co-create the way we will live in 2030 - combining creativity and business acumen, human-centred design and responsibility.

  • How can I access the LIV_IN Virtual Community Platform?

    Simply click on login and register and fill in the short registration form. A registration confirmation email will be sent to you right away. If you apply as an expert (answering the question: „Are you an expert in smart homes, smart health or responsible innovation?) you will be able to access Joint Actions, Knowledge Units and more Events next to the Network and News section.

  • What can I access as an expert in the LIV_IN Virtual Community Platform?

    As an expert you can access Joint Actions, Knowledge Units and more Events next to the Network and News section.

  • What can I access as a citizen in the LIV_IN Virtual Community Platform?

    As a citizen you can access the News, Network and partially Events.

  • How can I participate in an event?

    In the Events section of the LIV_IN Virtual Community Platform upcoming events are featured. In this section you can find virtual as well as in-person events. For both, you can register by clicking on the „Save the date“- or „Apply“- button. An email will be sent to you with the exact information about the event.

  • What is a Knowledge Unit?

    A Knowledge Unit is like an executive summary. It provides a quick and short overview regarding a topic. It can include additional video material as well as links to publications and other resources. You can engage in a discussion on the respective Knowledge Unit in the forum of each Knowledge Unit.

  • What is a Joint Action?

    A Joint Action is a joint effort of a group of experts, who work together on a shared issue or topic. They join forces to create new ideas, innovations, products, services, partnerships, networks, policy briefs, reports, publications or any other real-world activities. The discussion on Joint Actions takes place in the „Activities“ section of every Joint Action. Users can suggest new Joint Actions to the Community Managers.

If you have any more questions simply write an email to