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New approaches

LIVING INNOVATION developed a series of new approaches and tools for companies, facilitators and experts. They are not bound to any specific sector, although most of them focus on innovating with, and for, people. Therefore, companies working in B2C might benefit more from our tools than companies only focusing on B2B might. Our tools and approaches can not only be used by innovation managers, innovators, CSR- and sustainability-managers, but also by facilitators and moderators of design thinking processes and stakeholder dialogues.

Co-creation Toolkit: Co-creation is a frequently used term in EU policies and programmes. It turns people into partners and takes the diversity of stakeholder interests into account. As a result, implementation is often faster and has fewer conflicts.

  • Co-creation enables broad participation and goes beyond lead user innovation

  • Co-creation treats all participants equally

  • Co-creation has to consider the needs of the participants

  • Co-creation requires professional process management

  • Co-creation needs resources

Our Co-creation Toolkit provides tools and guidelines for starting and running a responsible innovation process. It is based on experiences from the 19 workshops with over 150 participants in Spain, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, which were implemented and evaluated in the course of the LIVING INNOVATION project.

Responsible Design Thinking integrates key aspects of Responsible Innovation into the well-established scheme of Design Thinking by

  • a set up phase;

  • explicit focus on societal needs;

  • systems thinking; and

  • consideration of the future impacts of the developed solutions.

We developed our approach of Responsible Design thinking based on a series of expert interviews with Design Thinking professionals and innovation managers. We tested it in several workshops and presented it at the ISPIM 2021 conference (International Society for Professional Innovation Management). If should apply it, please contact us, as we are highly interested in an exchange of experiences.

Watch an introduction into Design Thinking with Bettina Maisch.(Professor for Entrepreneurship at the Munich University of Applied Sciences)

Watch a Webcast with Alexander Grots.(Chief Creative Officer of EWOR)

Watch a presentation of Christophe Vetterli.(partner at walkerproject ag)

Inclusive Innovation means to go beyond lead user and open innovation by including people into innovation processes who are often not considered: children, the elderly, people with special needs and people from poor neighborhoods. If you include them, you receives more, and better fitting, ideas and you can design products that fit the needs of all people.