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Co-Creating the Way We Will Live in 2030


LIVING INNOVATION is an initiative started by 14 partners from all over Europe, including, major industry leaders, civil society and research organisations. In this project, we have joined forces to co-create more responsible approaches to innovation in the areas of smart homes and smart health.

The initiative will provide a vibrant online platform for discussion, knowledge creation and collaboration on new solutions that are beneficial to society and create new business opportunities. By engaging citizens and lead users in 19 co-creation workshops across five European countries, LIVING INNOVATION strives to co-create the way we will live in 2030 - combining creativity and business acumen, human-centred design and responsibility read more….

Benefits for…

Team Icon …citizens
  • Shape your future home
  • Become an innovator
  • Have your voice heard
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Outsourcing Icon …companies
  • Learn from the users
  • Co-create with peers
  • Uncover new business opportunities
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Government Buildings Icon …policy
  • Experience innovation with people for people
  • Learn about best practice
  • Access tools & information
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Get involved

20 co-creation workshops in five European countries

Creativity is higher, when people from different backgrounds collaborate. Our 20 co-creation workshops will engage industry representatives, lead users and citizens at eye level. They will jointly develop solutions that simultaneously satisfy user needs, tackle societal challenges and create new business opportunities.

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Business Office Collaboration

A vibrant virtual community

No company can design our future living alone. Therefore we will establish a virtual community for industry and experts in the areas of smart homes, smart health and responsible innovation. Through continuous interaction and relationship building, the community members will mutually develop and share practices, tools, ideas and information.

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Did you know…

  • … 21.7% of all homes in Europe will be smart homes by 2022 (up from 9.4% today)
  • … fitness trackers as well as remote lifestyle assessments and advice may soon reduce health insurance premiums
  • … when investing in smart homes, energy saving and comfort are the main concerns for European consumers, followed closely by safety and security
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Who we are

We believe that responsible innovation can create new business opportunities while helping to address the grand societal challenges Europe is facing today. LIVING INNOVATION is an initiative started by 14 partners from all over Europe, including, major industry leaders, civil society and research organisations. To learn more about the partner organisations contributing to the LIVING INNOVATION initiative, read more…


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New approaches
To innovation for smart future living developed in LIV_IN Labs

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Showcases and Innovation
Blueprints demonstrating the benefits of Responsible Innovation

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Effective tools
And training instruments to support RI integration in industrial contexts

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A flagship project
How Responsible Innovation can be implemented