The LIV_IN project will provide a space for experimenting with RRI and co-creation in six thematic LIV_IN Labs.

Lab 1: Future Homes & Lifestyles – SMH
What possibilities do new technologies bring to our homes and daily lives?
June, September and Nov. 2019 Venue: Expert Centre on Smart Technology and Smart Living, Eindhoven (NL), language: Englisch


Lab 2: Lifelong Health & Care – Siemens
How can new technologies enhance our entire life from the cradle to the grave?
May, July and Oct. 2019 Venue: Bundesfachstelle für Barrierefreiheit, Berlin (DE), language: German


Lab 3: Internet of Things in daily life – Telefonica
How will the ‘Internet of Things’ impact our daily lives?
June, September and Nov. 2019 Venues: Espacio Fundación Telefónica, Madrid (ES), and  CosmoCaixa, Barcelona (ES), language: Spanish


Lab  4: Communities & Collaboration – Ottobock
How can new technologies be developed in collaboration with the people using them?
March, May and Sept. 2020 Venue: Ottobock Science Center, Berlin (DE), language: German


Lab 5: Preventive Healthcare and Fitness – Atos

How can new technologies help us to stay fit and healthy?

Feb.,  April and June 2020 Venues: Atos’ Business Technology & Innovation Centers in Madrid (ES), Munich (DE) and Vienna (AT), language: Spanish / German
Lab 6: High tech at home – DMU

How will high tech and robotics shape our home experiences in the future?

May, July and Sept. 2020 Venue: The Europe House, the European Commission Representation in London (UK)

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